Testing & Validation

Testing & Validation

A successful product development and function analysis requires comprehensive testing and validation possibilities and an exceptional know-how in mechanics, physics and materials technology. The scientific environment with broad laboratories offers wide and sophisticated possibilities for the testing and validation of prototypes and products.

We provide you with

We plan, prepare and perform usability tests.

Ensuring the product lifetime by purposeful test strategies, parallelization and state of the art measurement equipment in controlled atmosphere if needed.

Detailed analysis of mechanical failures and derive appropriate measures to eliminate the cause.

Assessment of medical device under ISO 10993 and other guidelines if needed for complex and advanced materials and medical devices.

Thorough assessment of available hazard data on medical device components.

Design of most efficient testing strategy to address specific safety requirements.

identifying the best testing partners and following to the final report.

A wide range of diverse measuring technology, testing machines and the broad knowhow of highly skilled engineers allow the determination of physical and mechanical material characteristics as well as static and dynamic component testing.

For many products, lifetime is limited by environmental influences. By means of targeted, accelerated tests, various materials and suitable protective measures can be tested and compared in a short time frame. This ensures product life reliability.


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