Materials & Surfaces

Materials & Surfaces

Benefit from the comprehensive material competence in special fields around materials and their processing as well as material-technical and material-analytical complete solutions from one hand.

We provide you with

Balanced evaluation of performance and safety of materials including nano materials

Specialized assessment of nano material and particle safety including hazard and exposure evaluation.

The comprehensive range of services extends from material and surface characterization, component testing, polymer analysis, targeted damage analysis and cost-efficient process optimization to consulting for innovative development projects.

We focus on materials, surfaces, corrosion. The functionality and service life of the materials and components used is of essential importance for both prototypes and series production.

We offer new surface developments and reconstructing or optimization of their processes.

Damage analysis is a systematic method for determining the cause of failure in technical components.

The analytical laboratories offer a comprehensive range of organic and inorganic analytical services.

Whether developing new processes or optimizing existing processes – a team of experienced scientists, project leaders and laboratory assistants supports research and development projects from chemical synthesis in the laboratory to the transmission of synthesis routes to production scale.

with focus on materials, surfaces and corrosions behavior

process optimization

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