User Centered

We always put the user in the center of the product development process. Only by knowing the user of a product, a product which leads to a good user experience can be developed. A good user experience is the key for a successful product and therefore an increased sales volume. This is why we perform sound user research and transfer market trends such as circular design and recyclable materials for our product development projects.

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Usability Engineering means the development of a product or process based on the knowledge of the behaviour, skills and limitations of potential users.

Award winning innovative product development in various industries. Successful products have the user in the center of the development process. We ensure that the focus is never skipped.

Evaluation of the actual market situation and the development trend helps to tailor the product for future needs.

To know who uses your product under which circumstances is crucial for targeted product development.

Systematic identification of user needs and definition of user requirements based on customer survey.

Efficient product transfer from idea to industrialization with design to cost methodology.

Wide expertise in simulation of complex physical models (structural, thermal and fluid dynamic) including experimental verification of the simulation results.

Circular design lays the foundation for the development of recyclable products. The focus lies on how a product becomes part of a new product at the end of its life cycle.

Product design is an integral part of product development . This is understood to be the holistic conceptual and creative development of a product.

Identify the best market segment and market strategy based on EU and international regulatory requirements.

with our interdisciplinary team with long term experience Concept development is one major step from the first idea towards the final product.

The systematic analysis of concepts

Validation, Production, and fast development with our vast laboratory possibilities and workshop combined with highly skilled engineers

The Packaging as part of the product contributes to the user experience and customer satisfaction. In addition we reduce cost, waste and ensure a regulatory conformity.


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